Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I felt like making another key after I finished the copper key. So I made the second key with colored artistic wire, gun metal, to make it looked more vintage.

At first, I just used 3 mm Czech fire polished beads for the ornament but then I thought it needed something for the vocal point.

I chose a heart shape swarovski crystal, since the shape of the key was also heart shape.

After I attached the vocal point, I was satisfied because it really looked soo beautiful. The heart crystal shines beautifully against the dark colored wire. I wished I could take a better picture since it was not easy to take picture of crystal.

It really looked like an old key of some lost treasure in some fairytale stories, right?

So I called it Ancient Treasure Key.

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  1. hi..i happen to love things like treasures..and i found ur art about this one..is it for sale?how much for a pc?