Thursday, July 01, 2010

Commission Pieces : Hair Pin

She was a walk-in customer of my friend Heri during her last exhibition in Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia 2010. She needed hair pins in silver color for her wedding because all she could find in the stores were in golden color. And she needed it fast, like on Saturday that week ( and that day was Wednesday).
And Heri was kind enough to give me those challenges ... thanks dear... (^0^)
With limited time and limited brief, I accepted the challenge and these are the result...

As you can see, I had to make the pin itself since she wanted everything in silver color because commercial hair pins are ussually in black color.

And for the focal beads I used 10 mm Swarovski crystal surrounded by rhinestones. This was the first time I used rhinestones... I really loved the out come....I used it on the dangling part as well . The combination of crystal and rhinestones were really beautifull.

Congratulations to Veni... I hope you had a GREAT wedding and most importantly I hope you like the hair pins...

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