Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rest in Peace....

As in yesterday my old tools were officially retired. I thank you for every triumph and failure that we had been through together but now it is time I traveled alone. These tools were like an old friend to me. And saying good bye to them was not easy. No words can express what I am feeling right now.

But as they say... life is but a stopping place, a pause in what's to be. We all were meant to learn somethings, but never meant to stay. Our destination is a place far greater than we know. And when the journey finally ends, we'll claim a great reward...

Our journey ends here as I will continue my journey with new tools. I'm sure we are going to have great adventure together. So, grieve me for a while, if you must. Then let your grieve comforted with trust. That I will continue what we have surpassed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pretty in pink....

I bought this cabochon from Enno during the work shop. She had no idea the name of the stone but I liked it very much. With shades of pink, the stone looked so pretty and very girly...

Thanks to Eni, I decided to wrap it with net bezel technique with decoratives bordes. By adding beads with different sizes and color, the pendant looked so sweet .

That's why I call it "Pretty in Pink"....

Monday, July 07, 2008

Finished at last.....

After some careful thought and several attempted of mixing and matching with different beads, my choice went to a combination of different flat oval semi precious stones like citrine, amethyst, peridot and other clear stones with fresh water pearl.

I think the necklace looked soft and delicate - not to out-shine the pendant... and I fininshed it with a silver heart clasp.

They look perfect together, aren't they ?

Unfinished business

Last week end I have finished the white druzy pendant. I have chosen white fresh water pearl and yellow swarovski for the frame and was quite satisfied with the result. But I still thought that the pendant looked not quite done. It needed a necklace that enhanced the stone and to complete the look.

I was thinking of something delicate with small stones, not to out-shine the pendant.

Here, let me show you...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Druzy Facts

The term "Druzy" refers to the tiny crystal which is formed within of on another stone in a large number. When the ground water that carries dissolved silica is forced to to get filled into a porous area of rock, rapid cooling occurs and it causes the formation of minute crystals. As in Druzy Chrysocolla, the rock is composed of agatized chysocolla with crusts of small sparkling quartz crystals in tiny cavities.

Druzy Quarts is said to aid in balancing and increasing energy. Since ages it has been used to diagnose disease and is believed to enhance natural extrasensory perception abilities. (

I was told druzy stones can only be found in Brazil and Indonesia. This white druzy stone came from a mountain in Pacitan (east Java) and I bought it in an exhibition a few months ago. Unlike the black druzy pendant on the previous posting, the crystal part on this white druzy is rather 'soft'. Which is why I decide to make a pendant with net bezel technique and add a frame to enhance the stone.

I tried to make a sketch but haven't decide the color of swarovski and the pearl to complement the stone.

Point of no return

As in today, I declare that I am addicted to wire jewelry especially with Eni Oken's tutorial. I have purchased several of her tutorials and each of them are very special. It makes your imagination wild with lots of ideas. Personally, I think she is a genius !

Thanks to her tutorial, I can never go back to making a 'simple' jewelry making ever again.

Some of my 'old' clients were dissapointed when I refused to make a 'simple' jewelry. But when they saw my 'new' jewelry they love it. ".... so this is your new style, it's still simple but it's exquisite... rich with detail.." they said. I am so glad they like the 'new' me....

Like this druzy stone, before I knew net bezel technique I would have made it with a 'simple' wire wrap technique. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But I felt with her technique, not only it's rich with details but it enhance the stone itself. Do you agree with me?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A special request

After she bought a bangle from me, she asked me to make a 'more casual' bracelet... something with fun color. The pink cuff was inspired by a tutorial by J. Marsha Michler with a little modification.

And the second bracelet was inspired by a tutorial 'cage pendant' in

I hope she like them.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bangle Collections

These days I'm obsessed to make bangles. When I started to make one, I couldn't wait to finish it... to me it was like watching a cocoon becoming a butterfly.
Sometimes the results were quite different that what I imagened before.To make these bangles gave me so much satisfaction.