Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rest in Peace....

As in yesterday my old tools were officially retired. I thank you for every triumph and failure that we had been through together but now it is time I traveled alone. These tools were like an old friend to me. And saying good bye to them was not easy. No words can express what I am feeling right now.

But as they say... life is but a stopping place, a pause in what's to be. We all were meant to learn somethings, but never meant to stay. Our destination is a place far greater than we know. And when the journey finally ends, we'll claim a great reward...

Our journey ends here as I will continue my journey with new tools. I'm sure we are going to have great adventure together. So, grieve me for a while, if you must. Then let your grieve comforted with trust. That I will continue what we have surpassed.

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