Tuesday, April 05, 2011


These set were inspired by ayudhia bangle, a tutorial by borneo pahlevi, a talented jewelry designer from my country, Indonesia.
He started doing wire work a bit later than me but now he already made more tutorial than me in www.jewelrylessons.com ... that's how good he is .... =)

The necklace was made with the same principle with the bangle. I only made each piece a bit longer (about 10 cm each) so it could nicely formed as necklace.

Both Turqoise in the necklace and bangle were netted, not woven as shown in the tutorial.
I chose to make a simple bezel for both cabochon to enhance the intricate wire woven on the left and the right side of the cabochon.

I really love the combination of turqoise and copper wire ... I hope you do too .....
Thank you for looking ....