Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Antique Ming Porcelain

Tomorrow I will participate in the MURI record-breaking event (Indonesian version of Guiness Book of Record) for making the longest necklace in Indonesia. For that event I was given the task to create a pendant using Agarwood and antique Ming porcelain.

The frame of the porcelain was made with gun metal wire woven with silver wire then the swirly ornament was coiled with gun metal wire. The combination was really amazing... especially with the swirly part, it really enhanced the beauty of the antique porcelain.

The Agarwood was attached above the porcelain and a few beads of Lapiz Lazuli and Swarovski crystal was added on the both side. And to frame it, I added a coiling wire.

As I looked at the finished pendant, I think it kind of looked like an Ancient Amphora jar.... what do you think?


  1. Ahhhh!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. very, very beautiful work, nice to visite your site, greatings from Poland!!

  3. amazing work!! <3
    i'm speechless!!

  4. @ monika: greetings from Indonesia... and I too enjoy visiting your site, very nice work!! =D

    @ ghostflower: thank for your compliments...<3<3<3