Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jewelry - Symbol of Hope

By definition, hope is a feeling of want or desire to get something, do something or for something to happen. For most people, this word has a very individual meaning. For instance, someone may have hope in earning a college degree, starting a family or simply finding happiness. Whatever the term means to you, it's a wonderful way to live every day with hope in your heart. If you are looking to add this special sentiment to your jewelry collection, there are a number of symbols and/or styles that you can wear and enjoy.

Many of us love gemstones and appreciate the color that they add to our jewelry collection, but what we may not always realize is that every gem has its own special meaning. Pink Tourmaline, for instance, is the gemstone of hope. This bright, medium-pink stone is considered to be rare and is highly sought after in the world of jewelry.

When it comes to hope, many people look toward their religion for comfort. Cross jewelry, for example, can provide wearers with a great sense of hope. A prayer box, typically worn as a pendant or bracelet charm, is a small box that features a hinged lid. Many wearers enjoy placing a handwritten prayer inside, or possibly penned words of encouragement.
A dove may a small bird, but its symbolism is very significant. Many newlyweds release doves at their wedding, which can signify happiness and hope. The image of a dove in a jewelry accessory may provide the wearer with a sense of possibility or a new beginning.

To many, the symbol of an angel is reminiscent of a guardian, a protector and a symbol of hope. For those who choose to wear the image of an angel in their jewelry, they often feel comforted. As one of the most popular symbols in jewelry, the angel design is easily found in various pendant or charm styles.

If you still aren't sure which symbol best describes your definition of hope, think of something that you wish for. If you hope for sunnier days in your future, consider jewelry with a sun motif. If you're reaching for a goal, perhaps the image of a star would suit you well. If you are hoping for a little better luck in the coming year, perhaps the image of a clover, horseshoe, ladybug or an elephant would be your jewelry of choice.

In conclusion, the jewelry that you wear may or may not be anything more than a fashion statement. When one design goes out of style, another is sure to take its place. With so many trends on the forefront of fashion, it's often impossible to know what's 'hot' and what's 'not' on any given day. When choosing the pieces that you wear, however, it's worth noting that symbols of hope are timeless. A jewelry accessory that gives you hope or reminds you to never give up on the things that mean the most will far outlast the trends of today or tomorrow.

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