Thursday, March 10, 2011


It started from a Challenge that was held by our Wirework Community.
The theme was "New piece from (good) Old memories" which means we had to create something new from an old object that has special memories.

This crystal brooch had a long history.... Years ago, long before I knew wire jewelry making, I went on a tour to Jablonec in the Czech Republic, the center of crystal glass beadmaking.
I visited several places where they produced beautiful glass beads with different techniques like wound, blown or drawn of molded. At that time I was more interested on the finished product, so I bought this brooch among other things.
Later on this brooch became my favorit jewelry because of its simple design and it can be worn with any color of clothes.

Before this challenge, I have forgotten about this brooch. I found it among my keepsake box to look for ideas to enter the challenge. Although one of the beads was lost but I was so happy that I found it again.... =)
I "mutilated" an old earring to replace the lost bead... luckily it has the same size. The original size of the brooch is 3.5 x 3 cm plus the dangling charm 2 x 1.5 cm.

Now with its new surrounding filigree ornament, the size becomes 9 x 8 cm excluding the charm.
I think this brooch is transformed from a simple beauty into a more classic and magnificent beauty and certainly it will become my favorit brooch again .... =)
Although I didn't win, I have to thank my friend Gaby.... if not for her Challenge, this brooch will remain forgotten and stored in the box ... thanks again ... *hugs*

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