Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rose vitrail lite crystal - a jewelry set

Among my beads collection, this rivoli from swarovski crystal belonged to the category of special beads because of their beautiful color.
I was always waiting for the perfect project to use for this special bead and I when I drew this brooch/pendant, I thought the rose vitrail lite would be a perfect bead to use as the vocal point.

And I think I was right.... as you can see bound with prong and surrounded by different color of crystals and silver filigree... it really create a beautiful brooch/pendant.

To complete the set, I also made a pair of earrings. As I love chandelier earrings so much, maybe I over did the swirls.... =)
But I thought, that beautiful brooch/pendant needed an earrings that were equally beautiful, right? With 8 cm earrings dangling from your earlobe in sparkling crystals, they were really a match with each other.

Thank you for looking..... (^0^)


  1. Vitrail light is truly a beautiful swarovski effect coating! I got some, but the coating is on the crystal color rhinestones. I've never heard about rose vitrail light? Is it a rose color stone and then coated with the special effect?
    The set is beautiful and I don't think you've over done with the earring swirls. Because the brooch is big the earrings should be also big enough to balance it out.

    The necklace from pevious post is such an eye candy :D

  2. dear katrin,
    thank you for your nice compliment... i was told the cabochon was also called swarovski rivoli. this one was 14 mm in diameter with no hole and had a foiled back. as you know, it was not easy to take a good pic with crystal... in reality the color was much more beautiful and sparkling... =)

    as for the previous necklace, i can see that you are also a purple person.... =D
    again,thanks for your compliments

  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I love your works!!

  4. I love crystal jewelry, including crystal pendants, fashion rings, crystal necklaces and so on. Collected a lot at home. Very happy to see them.

    1. Who can resist those sparkling crystals... hahaha
      Thank for the compliments panpan... xoxo