Thursday, September 11, 2008

Druzy Bangle

In the beginning she was my teacher... as time went, these couple of months we became best friend. In MP community she is quite famous with her creative ideas. I envy her talent and her productivity. So when she asked me to me her a bangle, I felt so honoured... teacher trusted me to make her a bangle using her own Druzy.
After I got the beads, a rush of adrenalin came through my body... I felt nervous as well as excited. I couldn't wait to finish it for her but at the same time I was afraid if I could't meet her expectation.
Because the beads were quite small, it was a bit hard to handle. I spent 12 hours and more than 10 metres of wire to make the bangle.
So, my dearest friend, I thank you for the opportunity you have given me....I had so much fun making it and I like the outcome.... I wish you will like it as much as I do

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