Monday, September 27, 2010

Ring oh Ring

These three ring projects were dummies that I made for my book. The first one was Woven Cluster Ring, basically it was a simple woven ring with swirly wire attached then different beads were added.

The second one was Rondelle Ring, again another simple ring using 10mm Rondelle Crystall. I think the beauty of this ring was because of the rondelle shape crystal... it looked like a Solitaire Ring... =)

And the last one was my favorit, Woven Ring. I like this ring so much because it has different look from different angle and it's adjustable too ... =)

For intermediade level, I think I will include only the Rondelle Ring and Woven Ring in my book. As for the Woven Cluster Ring maybe its for my book for advance level.

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